Are Times Tuff For Christine BLOWce?

Shirt Talkers – Cut N’ Sew, it seems like times are rough for the Angles and Photoshop Ambassador. She’s selling her ancient Mercedes via Myspace.

“I’m selling my Baby Benz!
Hey guys,
I am selling my Beautiful Black Mercedez Benz! It’s an SLK320 Roadster and in Excellent Condition. She has been with me for a little while and I do love her but it’s time to move on to something a little bigger. Definitely a great car and perfect timing to have right before summer!

If you’re interested please email me for more info at

Serious inquires only please.

Best, Christine”

Do you think she’s hurting or what? Her cheese brand must not be selling…

BLOWce is losing her figure, she needs something bigger. – Cut N’ Sew.

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Dinner Celebrity Gossip

Tiger Woods: ‘You love me, you really love me.’
Sean Penn Sued – Photog Claims Death Threat
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Mischa Farten Off Drugs?

Shirt Talkers- Cut N’ Sew check out Mischa Barton, it looks like she is off the drugs and on the junk food. What happened to this girl? She’s a complete train wreck, do you think she’s going to be the next celebrity death? For me her and Lindsay BLOWhan are neck and neck!

This is a prime example of what happens when Hollywood is through with you. People can’t handle the fact that they were once hot, and now they’re not. Poor girl, she needs to take that diaper off. – Cut N’ Sew.

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GLAMOUR 8th Annual Best Dressed: 2010

1. Cheryl Cole
2. Rihanna
3. Blake Lively
4. Leighton Meester
5. Alexa Chung
6. Dannii Minogue
7. Kate Moss
8. Victoria Beckham
9. Beyonce
10. Emma Watson
11. Katy Perry
12. Fearne Cotton
13. Jennifer Aniston
14. Diane Kruger
15. Sienna Miller
16. Megan Fox
17. Lauren Conrad
18. Chloe Sevigny
19. Taylor Momsen
20. Kristen Stewart

1. Katie Price
2. Lady GaGa
3. Ashley Greene
4. Rihanna
5. Cheryl Cole
6. Madonna
7. Amy Winehouse
8. Lindsay Lohan
9. Kristen Stewart
10. Britney Spears

Glamour has listed the best and worst dressed Celebrities of 2010! Cheryl Cole and Rihanna topping the best, while Katie Price and Lady Gaga top the worst. WHAT?! There has to be a recount, we totally thought Manly Ga Ga’s marketing scheme of wearing retarded outfits was gonna win! – Cut N’ Sew.

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FIDM Girl Weekly: Allison Theilmann

Meet FIDM Chick: Allison Thielman

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Le Tigre Vs Tiger Woods

Le Tigre has come out with another billboard poking fun at Tiger Woods. Le Tigre will post a billboard on New York’s West Side Highway and 57th Street that reads, “Golf’s Original Tiger. For Those Who Play A Round.” This is marketing at it’s best… – Cut N’ Sew.

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Breakfast Celebrity Gossip

Audrina Patridge In A Bikini
Jackson’s Demanding Personality On Trial
Could Tiger Woods Be Looking To Recommit To Elin After the Masters?
Rihanna Reportedly Engaged
Even Nicolas Cage’s Hair Is Going Bankrupt
Danielle Lloyd Lingerie Pictures
The Brangelina Clan’s Easter Picnic
Justin Bieber: ‘I’ve Always Wanted To Be A Car Mechanic’

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Happy Easter!

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Kendra Wilkinson’s High School Photo

Playboy is well known for taking trash and turning it into money. Here is a prime example of the wonders Photoshop can do. Hef is the James Cameron of the porn world, he makes you believe there is a world of perfect playmates that come from trailer parks. – Cut N’ Sew

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Being Bald Can Be Cool

Shirt Talkers- Hey Cut N’ Sew, as if this dudes ugly mug needs anymore more attention, meet Phillip. He’s decorates his bald head with jewels and art “for creativity back in 2006 when he began to go bald. He did not want to conform to shaving his head like everyone else so started using it as an art form to express. Philip’s head designs are now becoming iconic within London’s fashion and art scenes where people strive to be original. ” –

I can see this becoming a huge trend for Guidos in 2010. Nothing goes better with a bedazzled Dead Hardy shirt than a bedazzled dome. – Cut N’ Sew

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