Daily Celebrity Gossip Roundup

Anna Paquin is bisexual Thesuperficial.com
10 Million Reasons Tiger Was Afraid of Rachel TMZ.com
Claire Robinson: You Are Your Own Executive Chef Popeater.com
Justin Bieber Buys Funny Or Die, Turns It Into Bieber Or Die Celebbuzz.com
50 Cent’s time is valuable Celebslam.com
It Was Just A Joke Dlisted.com
Alyssa Milano’s Sweet Profile In Tight Jeans Hollywoodtuna.com
Carnie Wilson Collapses! Perezhilton.com
Janet Jackson Promises More Albums Starpulse.com

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Kim HAIRdashian In Miami

Shirt Talkers- Kim was seen in Miami today with a freshly waxed chest enjoying Spring Break without Reggie Bush, His mom must have not gotten over that fact that she likes to get pissed on.

Doesn’t she endorse salads from Carls Jr? Why is her stomache so soft looking, I can only imagine the smell of her belly button after a long day at the beach. YUCK – Cut N’ Sew.

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Spanker And Heidi The Last Of The Mohicans

Shirt TalkersThe press whores are at it again. Lack of income will make you do things such as make up stupid nicknames. Running Bear? Spankers face looks to have a dead albino bear on it and White Wolf’s botox collaboration shows a happy constipation look. – Rawd Denim

They’re relationship must be really strong, Hiedi’s frozen pork face can’t express when she’s upset. -Cut N’ Sew

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Brand Imaging: 101 – Megan Fox & Armani

Armani wants to sell shit, and Man Thumbs Fox is part of their new underwear campaign. Don’t worry Megan, you can always bag your thumbs.- Cut N’ Sew

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Bravo Undecided On Smell On Earth

Shirt Talkers-Cut N’ Sew, I guess Bravo is undecided whether or not their viewers want to smell Kell CUNTrone for another season. I really want to know how such a homely person can do PR for a industry that revolves around image.

“She said she signed a “major deal in L.A. last week” for a “scripted network TV show,” PRNewser reports:

“I’m going to be executive producing and writing” she said. The show will be about the fashion industry. Cutrone will also be executive producing two other reality shows and will continue to appear on MTV’s “The City,” which returns on April 27th.” – NYmag.com

She’s giving the wrong image about PR. Being ugly and in PR is only a fantasy that TV writers can create. Nothing worse than a ugly girl with a bad attitude representing your brand.- Cut N’ Sew.

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Meet David Harrison Levi STARSCAMMER

Shirt Talkers-Check out David Harrison Levi “STARMAKER”. His claim to fame is working out of his apartment while lying to people about being a “talent manager” and “music producer”. He owns David Levi Entertainment Worldwide LLC Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA aka his apartment. This lawn gnome loves to take pictures with celebrities and name drop on his Facebook to make people think he’s someone with connections. What do you think about this Cut N’ Sew?

He looks like Chuy but with long hair. He seems like the typical run of the mill faker who takes photos with celebrities and makes people think he knows them on a personal level. Reminds me of someone else – Cut N’ Sew.

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Daily Celebrity Gossip Roundup

Katy Perry in a Bikini Thesuperficial.com
Jesse James in Arizona Rehab TMZ.com
Madonna’s Business Partner Is Artist First, Daughter Second Popeater.com
Jesse James Moves From ‘Cheater’ To ‘Neo-Nazi’ Celebbuzz.com
Britney wants another one Celebslam.com
There’s a Mindy McCready sex tape preview Theblemish.com
Justin Bieber Really Does Get All The Ladies Dlisted.com
Is Kim Kardashian’s Ass Disappearing? Hollywoodtuna.com
Jennifer Garner’s Stalker Sent To Mental Institution! Perezhilton.com
LL Cool J Slams Sarah Palin Starpulse.com

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Mayor Gloomberg Probably Fired His PR Manager

Shirt Talkers- Some of the Jersey Shore cast have been out mingling with the rest of the world. “Snooki” and “The Situation” are shown here hanging out in the Big Apple with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg at an annual event. I always love “Snooki”rocking that ass color tan, great job! I am also digging those bangs, it really brings out the Chupacabra in her! As for the “Situation”…Bozo called, he wants his tie back. I don’t know who the random hippy slizzy is but she looks like something out of Three’s Company! ANYWAYS.. Big ups to the Tool Academy, AHEM! I mean New Jersey Whores for keeping it REAL….stupid – RAWd Denim.

I really want to know if the rumors about Snooki having a jewel in her belly button are true. – Cut N’ Sew.

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How to Tuesdays: Retail Buyers

So you had enough balls to create an apparel line even though it will most likely end up on ShirtTalkers and get blasted. Now, your’re looking to find out how you get your line into some of your favorite retailers. For todays tip, I’m going to be explaining how to get your brand in front of the right person and have them potentially become a “stockist“.

Find Your Market:
You need to research what retailers carry similar looks to your brand, and if it makes sense for them to add another brand that looks “similar”. Retailers usually carry only a certain amount of “alike” brands on their shelves. So you better have a damn good reason why they need to give up expensive shelf real estate for yours.

Figure Your Pricing:
Remember you are a “new” brand, retailers HATE taking risks on new brands. Your price points need to be enticing enough to outweigh the risks of giving up shelf real estate. USUALLY* retail markup is 2.5 x the wholesale price, so as a new brand you want to come at a little below your competitors on your wholesale pricing.

Find Your Buyer:
Don’t waste your time trying to walk into stores with your line. Usually the employees are prostitots who have no clue who the buyer is. If you do get lucky enough to meet the buyer in person, they usually won’t give you time of day since they are either too busy or hate being bombarded with people trying to sell them their lines without appointments. Instead, I suggest you use a Business Directory site and find the contact information of buyers for your desired retailers.

Emailing Your Brand:
When emailing your brand to the buyer, make sure you don’t overwhelm them with too information and pictures. Buyers tend to know what they are looking for and if your brand has “it” they will proceed in requesting for more information. My advice is to put 3-4 of your best pieces, a price sheet, production and delivery dates in the email.

Remember it’s all about the RIGHT Product, RIGHT Price, RIGHT Time. Hope this helps. – Cut N’ Sew.

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Perv Charney & American Apparel Settle Suit

We just got this press release from American Apparel and it looks like Perv Charney has settled with NYCBlanks.com because of the illegal resale of American Apparel blanks.

“Hey, guys!

Just wanted to pass on a press release we just put out at American Apparel. We’ve recently settled with NYCBlanks.com over the illegal resale of American Apparel blanks. It might be of interest to the t-shirt community, so I just wanted to pass it on.

If you have any questions, let me know.


“American Apparel Sues Violators of Intellectual Property Rights, Wholesale Policy,

LOS ANGELES — American Apparel (Amex: APP), the vertically integrated clothing manufacturer based in downtown Los Angeles, has recently filed lawsuits against resellers who have violated the company’s intellectual property rights and wholesale policy by selling unembellished blank American Apparel garments. The company plans to file further suits against other noncompliant individuals and companies as well.

Since opening its first retail stores in 2003, American Apparel has privately intervened in situations where wholesale customers are reselling its products on the open market. These resellers often infringe upon American Apparel’s intellectual property rights by using copyrighted photographs and artwork to sell its products in violation of the company’s terms and conditions, which clearly prohibit the resale of blank American Apparel products.

“What some customers choose to ignore is that intellectual property is just that: property. The law prohibits this type of theft, regardless of intention, knowledge or profit,” said Joyce Crucillo, chief litigation counsel for American Apparel.

American Apparel is now taking aggressive steps to protect its intellectual property, brand and business by enforcing its resale policy, which allows buyers to resell garments only after altering or screenprinting. On January 14, 2010, the company initiated a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Central District of California against a former online retailer of American Apparel product, NYCBlanks.com, for copyright infringement, trademark infringement, unfair competition and false advertising, whereby it sought in excess of $1,000,000 in damages as well as injunctive relief. The case recently settled, with NYCBlanks.com admitting liability and agreeing to cease the resale of American Apparel product and pay a sizeable amount to resolve the issue.

About American Apparel

American Apparel is a vertically integrated manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of branded fashion basic apparel based in downtown Los Angeles, California. As of March 20, 2010, American Apparel employed approximately 10,000 people and operated 280 retail stores in 20 countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and China. American Apparel also operates a leading wholesale business that supplies high quality T-shirts and other casual wear to distributors and screen printers. In addition to its retail stores and wholesale operations, American Apparel operates an online retail e-commerce website at http://www.americanapparel.com.”

Update: Looks like NYCBlanks.com has shut down the site“NYC BLANKS will no longer be accepting orders. If you have made a recent purchase, we will send your items and email you tracking ASAP. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.” – Cut N’ Sew.

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