Perv Charney Is Causing Riots

A American Apparel sale in England made all the hipster sheeps go nuts! Little did they know Perv Charney is on a tropical island sipping a cocktail while these retards put more money in his pocket. – Cut N’ Sew.

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The Angry White Boys Gotta Be Angry

Shirt Talkers – Angry Inbred Boys Clothing must be kicking themselves in the ass for dropping Bombshell Mcgee from their brand. The picture of her wearing a AWB shirt is being used in the press for the story of her picking a fight with Chelsea Handler. You called it Cut N’ Sew.

Yeah I did, but like there was any legitimate retailers knocking on there door to carry that garbage anyway. A white supremacist brand isn’t exactly marketable at Nordstroms. – Cut N’ Sew.

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Lindsay BLOWhan Can’t Walk

BLOWhan is still bumping lines and taking spills. Lindsay, you’re still going to Les Deux? That spot was hot 3 years ago? You’re broke and going to has been night clubs, let me know if you need a new manager. – Cut N’ Sew.

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Cock And Republic Files For Bankruptcy

Shirt Talkers-Looks like Michael Ball is finally realizing how dead the look of Cock & Republic jeans are, and that MOST people don’t have $300+ to spend on jeans anymore. They are filing for bankruptcy to “”ease pressures on its balance sheet” but we both know they’re done. They’re going to waste even more money bringing in a advisor that used to work for the brand North Face.

Michael, how much more money do you need? Realize your loses and move on. You already made million with this garbage. Stop being greedy… – Cut N’ Sew.

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Daily Celebrity Gossip Roundup

Kim Kardashian’s ass in a bikini – FROM BEHIND. It’s the apocalypse!
Lindsay Lohan Broke, In Dire Straits
Jesse James in (Even More) Hot Water
Robert Pattinson In A Top Hat.
This is a joke, right?
Aaron Carter Getting Married
Hayden Panettiere Tries To Drop Some Cleavage
Michelle McGee Fires Back At Chelsea AGAIN
Liam Hemsworth: ‘I Love Miley’s Family’

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Christine BLOWce – Angles And Photoshop Ambassador

Shirt Talkers-The Ambassador of A.P. (Angles & Photoshop) is the OG myspace faker turned designer. Forbidden set the bar high for ugly prostitots to use angles and airbrushing in photoshop to trick geeks on Myspace. Good business? maybe. Tricking over 2093031 people on Myspace she has used that following to peddle her cheese brand Twisted Elegance. Cut N’ Sew she needs your consulting advice immediately, her brand looks as beat as her non photoshopped mug.

BLOWce, have you ever considered the UFC? My advice is to quit fashion and to call Dana White asap. You and Lindsay BlOWhan fighting over a gram sack of coke would bring record setting viewers in. – Cut N’ Sew

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Robert Pattinson VS. Barack Obama

This is what happens when prostitots have their voices heard. Time Magazine is doing their yearly 100 most influential people of year and it looks like Robert Pattinson is in first place. What the fuck is this world coming too? First Freddy Fags actually hangs out with non transexual girls, and now Robert Pattinson is considered a more influential person over Barack Obama?! Check out some of the other “WTF?!” choices on that list.- Cut N’ Sew.

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Daily Celebrity Gossip Roundup

Anna Paquin is bisexual
10 Million Reasons Tiger Was Afraid of Rachel
Claire Robinson: You Are Your Own Executive Chef
Justin Bieber Buys Funny Or Die, Turns It Into Bieber Or Die
50 Cent’s time is valuable
It Was Just A Joke
Alyssa Milano’s Sweet Profile In Tight Jeans
Carnie Wilson Collapses!
Janet Jackson Promises More Albums

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Kim HAIRdashian In Miami

Shirt Talkers- Kim was seen in Miami today with a freshly waxed chest enjoying Spring Break without Reggie Bush, His mom must have not gotten over that fact that she likes to get pissed on.

Doesn’t she endorse salads from Carls Jr? Why is her stomache so soft looking, I can only imagine the smell of her belly button after a long day at the beach. YUCK – Cut N’ Sew.

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Spanker And Heidi The Last Of The Mohicans

Shirt TalkersThe press whores are at it again. Lack of income will make you do things such as make up stupid nicknames. Running Bear? Spankers face looks to have a dead albino bear on it and White Wolf’s botox collaboration shows a happy constipation look. – Rawd Denim

They’re relationship must be really strong, Hiedi’s frozen pork face can’t express when she’s upset. -Cut N’ Sew

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