Beach Hooker Shauna Sands

Shirt Talkers- Shauna Sands knows how to ruin brands. She was out at the beach in Miami looking more like a hooker than ever. I decided to snoop around Jessi Lann’s obnoxious flash filled website. When will these people learn?! No on wants to wait around for retarded eye sore graphics to load while listening to crappy music…Cut N’ Sew, they need consulting bad.

I can’t help the helpless. Shauna MANds needs to take some of the collagen from her lips and add it to her ass, her back melts into her legs. – Cut N’ Sew.

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Perfect For All The Pill Poppers

Shirt Talkers-Genius marketing at it again, Cast of Vices has come out with a jewelry line for all the pill poppin’ prostitots out there. What a perfect gift for your girlfriend or daughter. Nothing says “I love you” more then a reminder of their addiction around their neck! WTF?! is up with this Cut N’ Sew?

Where do I invest? – Cut N’ Sew

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What Pool Season Vegas 2010 SHOULD Look Like

Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Catalog today in Los Angeles at the SLS Hotel. BUT, I’m almost positive it will look something more like:

-Cut N’ Sew.

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Snooki Selling Self Tanner – Sun Love

Shirt Talkers-The real life Troll doll “Snooki” has struck a deal with Sun Love to promote their self tanning products. Marketing department is going to get a wake up call when they realize no one wants to buy any product associated with this Troll doll…

Her shirt perfectly blends in with her skin. – Cut N’ Sew

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Kardashians Get Ruined On South Park

Shirt Talkers- On last nights episode of South Park, the HAIRYdashian sisters get killed. Here’s what Khole had to say “So last night I was on Twitter and suddenly I got bombarded with tweets from people telling me that my sisters and I were on the new episode of South Park. People were saying we get shot and I just had to watch and see if it was true. Turns out they were right! Kim, Kourt, Bruce, my mom and I had our heads blown off just as we were about to go underwear shopping on an episode of Keeping Up hahahaha. I died when I saw it!!!”

Southpark creators did a great job of capturing Khloes neanderthal look. And their outfits look exactly like the freebees they get from designers and try to sell at their store DASH. Whoops… – Cut N’ Sew. Edit: Their site is “down” I guess they ran out of free shit to try and sell.

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I Love Blow

Shirt Talkers-I Love Blow is an energy drink company who looks like they’ve hit the nail right on head for marketing all the Hollywood prostitots. I can see lines of stragglers for the bathroom at Drais trying to sniff this up.

If you look closely you can see Lindsay BLOWhan running after that thing. – Cut N’ Sew. PS: I LOVE BLOW, I expect some cases of that overnighted to me pronto.

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Vanessa Hudgens & Wildfox UK

Shirt Talkers- Puff Nipples was taking a leisurely stroll around Malizoo wearing WildFox Uk. The geniuses behind LNA.

Shit product + exposure = Profit. Vanessa Pudgens is worth about 5 million dollars and dresses like a Bakersfield desert yetti. Get a clue…and shave that muff. – Cut N’ Sew.

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Where You Want Your Brand

Shirt TalkersCan you explain why Buckle is one of the strongest retailers out there right now and why this is one of the places where people want their brand to have shelf space?

1. Mid-West 2. 350+ locations nationwide 3. They make their own lines and sell them with real brands. Meaning, you’re a “tween” with a $100 and you want a outfit. You buy a pair of BKE denim for $44, and a cheesy Ogay shirt for $32. Now you have around $24 left over so you pick yourself up a pair of BKE knock off Ray Bans and still have some change left over to buy your prostitot girlfriend some hoop earnings.Think of them like a Costco in a sense, without the free samples – Cut N’ Sew.

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Daily Celebrity Gossip Roundup

Reggie Bush cheated on Kim Kardashian
UFC Replaces Thiago Alves on Fight Card
Should Sandra Bullock Go to the Kids’ Choice Awards?
Here come more Jesse James whores
Vodka Tycoon Angered By Diddy’s ‘Pee Pee’ Comment
“The Hills” finally ending
Bar Refaeli Lingerie Pictures
Soulja Boy And Chris Brown Beef On Twitter

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Forever 21 & Brain Lichtenberg

Shirt Talkers- After creating a outfit for Manly Gaga’s “Telephone” video it looks like Forever 21 is bringing Brain Lichtenberg on board to do a line of graphic tees for the sweatshop millionaire retailer.

Forever 21 has the sweatshop business down to a science. Ever wonder how they can sell apparel for so cheap? There are plenty of Gonzales’s, Ruiz’s, Hernandez’s, and Santiago’s out there that slave for next to nothing. So the little Wal-Mart makeup wearing, cake faced, valley prostitots can have something nice to wear Friday night… Even though we all know, by the end of the night it will be on the ground anyway. – Cut N’ Sew.

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