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Kim Kardashian’s Sexiest Twitter E-Whoring Pics

This is for all the dudes who like girls that have to shave more than themselves. – Cut N’ Sew Incoming search terms for the article:Vanessa hudgens uncensored pussyvanessa hudgens pussy picsuncensored Vanessa Hudgens pussyVanessa hudgens pussy picturekim kardashian pussy picsvanessa hudgens uncensored pussy picsVanessa Hudgens Pussy Pic UNcensoredKim kardashians pussyvanessa hudgens pussy photoVanessa Hudgens […]

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50 Cent Won’t Get An Oscar

Shirt Talkers – Cut check out this picture of 50 Cent looking insanely skinny for his new movie Things Fall Apart . [ThisIs50] “He dropped from 214 pounds to an astonishing 160 with a liquid diet and three-hour-a-day treadmill walks for nine weeks. “I was starving.” Now he’s back on tour and says, “I’ve been […]

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WTF?! Of The Day – Hipster

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Paris Hiltons Saggy Ass At Cannes

photo credits: Bauer Shirt Talkers – My GOD, check out Big Bird’s saggy ass at Cannes. Cut, Does Big Bird really think she has a career anymore? She obviously isn’t marketable as a “sex symbol” anymore (in my eyes Big Bird never was) and as we all know she has no other talents. Big Bird […]

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Audrina Patridge Side Boob

Shirt Talkers – Check out the Rabbit’s new spread in some no name magazine called “Ralph”. Why is the Rabbit famous again? Audrina, if you want to stop promoting d-list pool parties, and doing spreads in low budget magz I suggest you step your game up. This or this will boost your slut factor and […]

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Rima Fakih Miss USA 2010 Stripper Contest

Shirt Talkers – The media circus is already starting with the latest winner of Miss USA 2010. These photos of her at a “stripper contest” have already leaked and I’m positive more scandalous videos/photos are in the near future. I bet Donald does a background check on all the contestants and digs up dirt on […]

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Jenna Bentley Digs Gold

photo credit: PacificCoastNews Shirt Talkers – Check out Jenna Bentley learning how to paddle board with her sugar daddy. This old fat dude is basically dating a very expensive hooker. She’s obviously a pro when it comes to digging gold, because you have to have the right mindset to let a dude like this stick […]

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Seth Greens Wife Nude

Shirt Talkers – Cut, check out Clare Grant posing nude. I must say the ginger (Seth Green) is living way above the means of his looks. She looks like she could be fun. She needs bolt-ons, those tribal looking A cups aren’t cutting it. – Cut N’ Sew. Incoming search terms for the article:naked groupiesClare […]

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Tila Tequila Thinks Shes Lady GaGa

photo credit: WENN Shirt Talkers – Pancake face was at the Congo Room last night for her “album” release party. She showed up trying to be GaGa with some skeeze-ass retarded outfit. Cut, when will Pancake realize she has no career? Pancake, I suggest you go back to your prior job you had before becoming […]

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Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Pics

photo credit: Vivid Shirt Talkers – Cut, check out the screen shots that leaked today from one of Kendra’s many sex tapes. How trashy is this girl?! How do you think it will sell? Nothing like some trailer park porn. – Cut N’ Sew

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