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josie goldberg covered topless bikini miami

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Hulk Hogan Still Wearing Bikinis

photo credit: INFdaily Shirt Talkers – Cut, it looks like Brooke is taking some time off again from beefing up and training for her debut in the WWF as a resurrection of her dad. She obviously has taken your advice because I don’t see how this tranny is marketable for anything else. Nick Hogan is […]

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Shauna Sands – How To Catch A Predator

photo credit: splash Shauna Sands, luring kids in on the beach with her beach ball tits. – Cut N’ Sew Incoming search terms for the article:Shauna Sand nagoshauna sands

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Shauna Sands Terrible Tits

photo credit: INF Shirt Talkers – The beach hooker was out again, sporting her terrible tits and wearing her see through stripper shoes. When will this old hooker grow up and realize she’s not 21 anymore? Nobody likes to see 45 year olds with retarded looking tits and hooker shoes at the beach. She needs […]

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Hulk Hogan In A Bikini Again

photos credits: marvix Shirt Talkers – Check out Brooke Hogan in Miami over the weekend celebrating her 22nd birthday. Still looking beastly as ever, I don’t know why she doesn’t listen to you Cut. All she needs is a mustache, fake tanner, and she could join the WWF as a resurrection of her dad. I’m still […]

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JWoww And Troll Cause Mexicans To Riot

Shirt Talkers – Check out JWoww and Troll enjoying some Cinco De Mayo festivities in Miami. I’m pretty sure the whole mexican race is now rioting… Wait, Troll isn’t a Mexican?! – Cut N’ Sew.

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Hulk Hogan In A Bikini

Shirt Talkers – D-lister Brooke Hogan was spotted in Miami over the weekend teaching surf lessons to people. Who the fuck knew a Manatee could surf? The paparazzi in Miami yesterday must of been fighting for photos of all these psuedo celebs. Brooke you tried being a singer and you failed miserably… Do yourself and […]

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Burn It With Fire

Shirt Talkers -Cut, the Troll somehow managed to find a suit large enough for her amoeba body and was seen in Miami filming the second of Jersey Shore. Can she even see her moose knuckle when she pees? She’s wearing a one piece to cover up the jewel in her belly. – Cut N’ Sew.

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Jersey Shore Gets Quality Poon

Shirt Talkers – Pauly D and Vinny were seen filming in Miami their second season and being hounded by a LARGE group of prostitots. I guess this is just one of the many perks on a LARGE list to what it’s like to be a d-list celebrity. With so many quality prostitots how do you […]

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JWOWW’s Tits On The Streets Of Miami

Shirt Talkers – Most of the Jersey Shores trash cast was walking around the streets of Miami yesterday. JWoww was reminding people how retarded MTV is for making people like her famous. When will this end? No one from the cast of Jersey Shore has any other talents but looking stupid. Once people stop laughing […]

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