How to Tuesdays: Vintage Feel Tees

A lot of people always ask how brands make their shirts feel soft (ogay, assliction, dead hardy) or have that vintage look to them. It’s nothing special. As a matter of fact, a lot of the t shirt blank brands are already selling some styles pre washed. Anyways, you want to start off with a good PFD (prepared for dye – they construct the shirt bigger so when you dye it, it shrinks to the correct size.) blank. I recommend or Next, you want to find yourself a good dye house. You can google something like “dye house Los Angeles” etc. Here’s a tip: When talking to these people (dye house) try to make it sound like your brand is getting bigger and you have some heavy orders coming in and you need a sample test right away. Usually these places don’t like to deal with smaller brands because it’s not worth it when they’re doing 100k piece Dead Hardy orders. Finally, you want to ask for the “silicon wash” which is basically just heavy duty fabric softner.

There you have it… the “vintage” feel.

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